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Fuelling the future. It’s where the blue-sky thinking becomes headache-grey.

Alas, we don’t have the luxury of Gandalf’s seeing stone – or palantír – as we scan horizons for energy options. Facing up to industrial change requires farsighted investment to mirror strategy, when most anything else is mere crystal balls.

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The seven-by-five-meter canvas of a historic wreck is as close as some of us get to the horror. Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa is a graphic depiction of catastrophe as a French frigate sinks off Senegal; the desperate seafarers at the full mercy of a storm, the sea …and each other.

Turner’s The Loss of an East Indiaman captures the full force of a wreck as a Dorset community responds to the incident; Captain Pierce and his daughters among the many souls lost as the Halsewell, bound for Madras, was blown on to the rocks in 1786.

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13th June 2017

Practice isn’t enough


Practice makes perfect! Ok, “perfect” might be unrealistic, but practice can certainly make “better”. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.

Practice will help you improve what you are doing, but it may not lead you to find the best way of doing it. What you’re doing might be working, but is there a better way? Coaches teach sprinters to run faster by training them on technique and posture, not just by making them practice a lot.

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The good, the bad and the medley: how things have changed from bulletins to Twitter-feeds. Or have they?

Through the night hours in a BBC newsroom, the gallery screens never sleep.

Asia markets resurrect Bloomberg tickers, a distant vacuum hums, there’s the purr of a printer and in New York, Shang Hai and London it’s 20 minutes before the next top-of-the-hour. An engineer is slumped across the sound desk – a polystyrene cup out of harm’s way; the vision mixer, cocooned in a fleece and director’s swivel chair, stirs in a shiver of aircon.

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