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When you activate your crisis communications and media management systems, they need to work immediately. But how do you ensure your crisis comms system will work when it matters most?

The same question applies to any emergency response plan or equipment. How do you know your liferaft will inflate when you drop it over the side?

There are five steps to quality controlling your choice of maritime media management systems (and they’re similar to the steps you should follow when choosing a liferaft).

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31st May 2018

When digital lets us down


We could ask ourselves how we got so far without digital, how we navigated before AIS, mobile connectivity and gadgets. The latest shiny things fill the vacuum where other pursuits once played and ran wild.

Future generations may surface on this mortal coil with apps primed within. Cut to the chase, and be born with a sim or SD card; choose character, common sense or operational dexterity. Evolution might throw in a USB port for good measure. Parents, teachers or employers simply select a menu screen for preferred attributes, values, conduct …oh, and skills too.

Skills, remember those…? Wasn’t it great when we had to actually do stuff rather than woo Alexa, Siri or some other smart AI demi-god; our dependence on digital a swipe away from devotion.

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25th April 2018

What does a crisis cost?


Crisis communications sceptics sometimes point out that many companies have survived major crises including devastating assaults on their reputations and have come back to be highly profitable and successful – usually without the senior management still in their senior roles (take note CEOs).

Certainly, this is true for some companies (not for others, but that’s a topic for another time). However, surviving shouldn’t be the goal; surely the goal should be to thrive.

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Since the recent revelations that Cambridge Analytica (a British political consulting firm) obtained data from 50 million Facebook users back in 2014, Facebook has been under attack in the media, the halls of power and on financial trading floors, and there are some key crisis management lessons we can learn from their response.

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