US incident response


Vessels sailing to the United States are required to have a contract with a Qualified Individual (QI), in part to ensure that the company is able to work within the Incident Command System (ICS). Communication, overseen by the Public Information Officer (PIO), is an essential component of the ICS system which is not included in most QI contracts.

How we support

As with most aspects of a US incident, media response functions are highly regulated. Ship-owner lead approaches based around single company press releases which are highly effective in many jurisdictions will be unacceptable in the US. All of our crisis response managers around the world are FEMA ICS certified and we ensure that our responses immediately mesh seamlessly with the US systems.

We work closely with the US Coast Guard, are recommended by the leading QI companies and can launch a full media response seamlessly with all US agencies and parties. We operate the largest network of American media responders dedicated to the maritime sector and have worked on many of the largest incidents in the last two decades.

American media

CNN pioneered 24 hour rolling news coverage and the American media is sensational, aggressive and demanding. This cycle will be filled by whatever journalists and editors can find. The best way to ensure positive coverage is to provide a steady supply of accurate information. We ensure that this happens at all stages of an incident to reduce the use of less accurate, often highly critical sources.

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