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Exercises are essential for emergency preparedness, but how often do they actually feel real? And how often to people take them seriously? With Triton, our social media simulator, we ensure that exercises feel like real crises, so that real crises will feel like exercises.

National exercise

To test the response of over 40 organisations, both government and corporate, Navigate Response coordinated the media and social media component of a major national exercise involving 500+ participants.

Over two days, our team of local, national and international journalists simulated media pressure in person, by telephone and email and via social media within Triton’s simulated environment.

Accessible to all players, the simulated media content and social media reaction ensured that the exercise felt real and the simulated media response became the most talked about component of the exercise.

The realism of our exercises not only ensures that participants take it seriously, but also allows us to identify weaknesses that are missed in less realistic simulations. For example, technical difficulties connecting with international locations (our international players are actually abroad) and challenges controlling rumours when all players can see what everyone else is doing online – just as they could in a real incident.

As Chris Coneybeer, BBC journalist, said “As journalists, we’re always monitoring social media and other news outlets in a way that’s rarely possible in an exercise. Triton brought the full pressure of a breaking story together in one place.


We provide detailed feedback following every exercise with specific suggestions for improving any potential areas of weakness. Triton allows us to track all activity even on major exercises with thousands of posts.

Note: The Triton simulation platform is available to all of our retained clients at no additional cost.

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