Enclosed spaces


Seafarer fatalities, especially enclosed space entry deaths which are sometimes perceived to be preventable, put intense emotional, technical and social pressure on any company and require the greatest degree of sensitivity.

How we support

In these tragic situations we aim to provide support to the company to manage the media and social media and ensure that the company’s leadership is free to focus on supporting those who are directly involved.

As we do for all incidents, we will field media enquiries, write all media releases and statements (as required), and co-ordinate any media events that may be needed.

Most fatalities will receive some media interest especially in the maritime trade press. We will work with any interested journalists to ensure that they have the information they need to cover the story in the most balanced and accurate way possible.


Some companies become so caught up in the paper work and legal concerns associated with a fatality that they fail to demonstrate their grief and empathy to the outside world. This failure can leave a company appearing cold and unsympathetic to the tragedy. We will work with key managers and executives in the company to ensure that, in addition to the facts of the situation, the empathy and human concern of those involved shows through.

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