High visibility


Visibility is one of the most important factors determining the attention that an incident will receive.

We recently responded to an incident that resulted in no pollution, minor injuries and minor cargo and vessel damage. However, because of the striking visuals associated with the incident it became a global news story and within two hours millions of people were following it.

Part of our initial evaluation of any incident is a judgement about its visibility because incidents with high visibility require a very different strategy than those that are completely hidden from site.

In the case mentioned above, because of our early determination that the incident would attract significant attention, we were able to prepare press conferences, mobilise resources and establish a presence online to safeguard the company’s reputation.

By acting early when the situation requires it, whilst remaining quiet when possible, we ensure that our clients receive as little unwanted attention as possible, but are completely transparent and proactive ensuring the support of local populations (in the case mentioned above, our client’s reputation actually improved following the incident).

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