Ship detentions

Within the industry we recognise that many companies are eventually confronted by a vessel detention, however, in these situations perception is everything.


People in the industry will be most interested in a pattern. A single detention is of little interest, but a pattern of detentions is a great concern. Most journalists will understand this, but monitoring of coverage is essential. Articles which in anyway create the impression of a non-existent pattern must be identified early and corrected as they can quickly damage a company’s reputation.

When one of our client’s vessels is detained for any reason we initiate an active programme of media and social media monitoring to identify and quickly address any coverage that might appear.


In general operations the mainstream media will pay absolutely no attention to detentions, but if that vessel is subsequently involved in an incident journalists may dig up the vessel’s record of detentions (potentially decades old) and present it as evidence of ‘grave problems’ on board the vessel.

Navigate Response specialises exclusively in the maritime sector and we are very experienced explaining detentions and other maritime issues to journalists unfamiliar with the industry. By providing proper context and a full explanation we can ensure that detentions are portrayed for what they are, and not as proof of a careless or disreputable company.

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