Communication plan


We often find that vetting departments motivate ship owning companies to update their crisis communications and media handling plans. In our experience most companies have some limited media response plans, but many of them have not been updated to take into account today’s rapidly changing media and social media landscapes.

Communication plan

When Navigate Response takes on a new client one of our first steps is to meet with members of the company at all levels, from senior management to receptionists, to identify potential areas of concern or weakness and to understand the workings of the company.

Based on this understanding we create a comprehensive procedure to manage media and social media interactions at all levels and to prepare for communications in the event of a crisis. It is essential that the procedure fits perfectly with each company’s unique way of operating and address the widest possible range of situations. To fulfil our commitment to provide truly tailored solutions, we meet frequently with the company to ensure that the plan will work for them.

We also create a supply of ready content to ensure a quick response in even the most challenging situations. Based on our extensive experience responding to incidents in the maritime sector, we know what questions companies are likely to face and we help them to prepare answers that can be shared with journalists at a moment’s notice.


To ensure the success of the communications plan we provide training for employees at all levels. In our experience a communications plan is only as good as the people who will be implementing it, and so in addition to introducing the plan we provide media training for all managers to prepare them to deal with the crisis communications challenges that cannot be reduced to simple procedures.

With all of the components in place we conduct a media specific drill to test the communications plan followed up with ongoing media involvement in the company’s drills.

All of these services are offered free of charge as part of our support to any new client.

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