How we work

Maritime Reputation Management

We specialise exclusively in providing reputation management services for the maritime sector. Our expert maritime communications specialists are on call 24/7 from our London and Singapore offices and through our global network we are prepared to respond anytime anywhere.

All-inclusive contracts

To ensure a quality response when it matters most, we build relationships with our clients as much more than an insurance product. Our standard package of services ensures that we’re ready to work together for any incident.

Whether you chose our basic inclusive package or opt for the greater peace of mind offered by our unlimited plan, you’ll be paying for a package of services, rather than only the promise that we’ll pick up the phone and start charging you more.

Covered by a single highly competitive annual fee, we offer support services which include as standard:

  • Immediate response around the world and around the clock
  • Expert assistance to develop or update a formal crisis communications plan
  • Training for staff at all levels (including seagoing)
  • Provision of and participation in drills and exercises
  • Triton media and social media simulation for exercises
  • Coverage hours - usually enough to cover all minor incidents OR unlimited if you choose one of our unlimited response plans.

We understand the maritime industry and our competitive pricing structure is designed to ensure that our services are accessible to the full range of shipping, port, and offshore companies and has taken into account today’s low freight rates in many sectors.

In times of crisis

When a crisis strikes, we protect your reputation while keeping the media pressure off your team.

Every situation is different, and our teams are ready to respond by taking all appropriate steps including:

  • Producing and issuing media statements and updates
  • Actively engaging with all relevant social media platforms
  • Arranging and managing press conferences
  • Media marshalling at the scene
  • Advising spokespersons and acting as gatekeeper for all media enquiries
  • Monitoring traditional and social media and providing regular reports through our “follow the sun” network of offices

Partnering with Navigate Response gives your team the professional round-the-clock back-up needed to ensure that you can deliver a swift, professional response without leaving a vacuum to be filled by misinformed comment and speculation.

Follow up

Following a major incident, we will provide a comprehensive media and reputation impact report and conduct a full debrief with your team to identify areas for improvement.

Media interest in an incident can extend for months, or even years, beyond the physical completion of the incident. We will continue media monitoring and media response for as long as is required.

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