Social media

Engaging online

Our social media experts have the experience, techniques and tools, combined with the local knowledge of our network, to defend your reputation online.

With over two billion active users, social media platforms are now the largest and most immediate sources of news. In the social sphere, fact checking is secondary to breaking the story.

Nowhere to hide

Today, shipping incidents (even in the most remote corners of the globe) can be immediately and extensively broadcast across social media platforms usually with little balance or context.

Even when connectivity at the scene is non-existent, live AIS vessel tracking means that anyone with an internet connection can have a front row view of your unfolding incident.

Keeping track of what is being said and knowing when to respond is essential to managing your reputation. Your online attitude, appearance and actions are crucial following an incident. Navigate Response will manage your portrayal on social media and keep public opinion on your side.

Influencing the conversation

Journalists are increasingly turning to social media as a source of breaking news, and so influencing social media has become an important tool for managing the coverage of stories in the mainstream media as well.

In the digital sphere conclusions are always immediate, often judgmental, and usually without the balance and fairness required by the mainstream media. Monitoring these conversations and getting your comments and statements to the online editors and influencers are our priorities.

See our case studies for examples.

Social media simulator

From 90 minute drills to major international exercises, our social media simulator – Triton – makes any exercise believable and engaging. Learn more here.

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