The connections that matter most

Your employees and charterers, local residents, emergency responders, and local politicians; in an incident these parties are your primary stakeholders and communicating effectively with them is essential.

Key stakeholders need to be a primary target of all crisis communications initiatives as they have the greatest potential to impact both the incident itself and your future operations. Angry residents, ill-informed employees, and charterers who feel let down can have a devastating impact on a company’s reputation – and your bottom line.

Knowing how to connect

With deep industry knowledge and a global network, Navigate Response provides advice and engages directly with key stakeholders to ensure that they remain on side from beginning to end.

In addition to our shipping knowledge, members of our team have worked with local and national governments around the world and have experience engaging directly with locally impacted populations.

Shipping companies trade globally and so their local connections at the scene of an incident are often limited. Early response and engagement with local journalists is an essential component of managing the story and defending reputations.

See our case studies for examples.

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