Why it matters

Defend your reputation

Your reputation can go from being your most valuable asset to your greatest liability in a matter of hours. Reputations are partly based on what your company does, but even more importantly they are based on how your company communicates.

It is tempting to think that if you don’t respond to a journalist then there will be no story; unfortunately no response is increasingly being seen as an admission of guilt. If you don’t respond someone else will and they may not have your best interests in mind.

We will act immediately and respond on your behalf to ensure that you’re defining your own image and not leaving it for someone else to distort or malign.

Minimise interference

Navigate Response has the experience to defend the interests of shipping companies against even the most high-profile campaigns and protests.

Protests and demonstrations can have a dramatic impact on your ability to operate. To avoid being targeted it is important that you be recognised as the responsible company that you are. If you are attacked you must respond quickly and effectively to ensure that public opinion remains on your side.

Delays and other immediate costs associated with becoming the target of a protest can quickly mount, but the longer term impacts on reputation can be much greater and charterers who see your company under attack may look elsewhere for their transportation requirements.

Reduce incident costs

By managing the perception of an incident and ensuring that you get credit for your response, we minimise public pressure and in turn your incident response costs.

Public pressure can motivate government intervention which can lead to mounting inefficiencies and spiralling costs simply to please public perception. The impacts of such interference were reflected in the astronomical costs associated with the wreck removal for the Costa Concordia.

Using the media, social media and other communications channels we ensure that you are seen to be responding effectively and professionally to an incident, and this reduces the risk of unwarranted interference.

In short, our goal is to keep the media and other pressures off your back so that you can focus on responding to the incident and running your operations departments.

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