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Messages like this one create the impression that Facebook and other social media sites are concerned with your security and privacy and I’m not suggesting that they aren’t, but their security is only as good as your gossipiest connection.

Here’s what most people seem to forget, social media is about being social, and so the whole thing wouldn’t work if security settings actually made your posts secure from everyone.
Security settings are designed to stop people nefariously gaining control of your account or viewing your posts. However, your friends are given every access to the content you post – that’s the point after all.

Unfortunately, your audience (your friends and acquaintances) is the greatest threat to your privacy. No matter how great your security settings are, all it takes is one person on your friends list to copy your picture or comment and make it very public (Note: This is rarely done maliciously, but instead happens because the image was “just so cool”).

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Emergencies on board superyachts are, fortunately, few and far between; but major incidents involving such beautiful vessels quickly make headlines around the world – the Mail Online will testify to that.

Every Captain needs to know that his/her yacht is prepared for to deal with the worst and, with the increasing size and complexity of today’s superyachts, the use of pre-prepared emergency checklists is becoming much more common. These checklists will also help yacht managers when they have to explain the procedures that were in place to an aggressive media.

Ask yourself, would everyone on board know where to instantly set the lookouts if a Williamson turn was immediately implemented for a man overboard? And where are the hand held VHF sets they’ll need stored?

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