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On Good Friday Brian Foster, a Canadian farmer, was taking advantage of the good weather to burn some dry grass in preparation for spring. The patches of snow created excellent fire guards making it safe to burn – or so he thought.

Unfortunately, one of his little grass fires ignited the creosote on the timbers of an old railway bridge and in a matter of minutes the whole thing went up in flames despite Foster’s every effort to extinguish the blaze with buckets of snow.

Now Foster could have run away and maybe no one would’ve found out that it was his fault.

Or he could have admitted responsibility, but made every excuse explaining why it really wasn’t his fault.

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Do you remember life before satnav? Spending an hour with a paper map tracing a route and noting down towns and cities we’d pass through. On the way we’d search for road signs, shout at our wife for not being able to read the map properly and if all else failed we’d stop and ask for directions. Remember the shame?

All a distant memory; now we tap our destination into a tiny box of tricks and sit back and follow directions. Nine times out of ten, we reach our destination unscathed.

But do we really know where we are going?

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