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So what do Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd fame; Craig Venter, geneticist and Patriarch Bartholomew, Leader of the Orthodox Church have in common when it comes to our industry?

They are all environmental activists with a deep and visceral interest in the continued wellbeing of our seas.

They were once seen by industry as outsiders and mavericks, but our culture has changed dramatically in the last twenty years driven by the multiplicity of images and messages we see in our device-rich, multimedia world extolling new ideas of preservation and protection.

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Navigate Response director Bill Lines looks at the lessons learnt in setting up and running a global crisis communications network for the shipping industry.

Navigate Response signed up its first shipowning client in April 2013. Three years later, we’re looking after a fleet of nearly 3000 ships, running a network of responders in 33 cities around the world and responding to a new issue almost every week.

So what have I learnt in this time?

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