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Research shows that eight out of ten people will read an eye catching headline, but only two out of the ten will read the rest of the article. So anyone who’s trying to write a persuasive piece of copy should spend half their time creating the perfect headline to grab the reader’s attention.

A headline needs to be short and sweet. It has to catch the eye, and a long sentence can’t do that; and, of course, after just 65 characters web searches will cut off the rest. So keep it tight.

The perfect headline is just six words.

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When a shipping crisis strikes and journalists start calling, whoever answers the phone in your company might find that they’re suddenly famous (or more likely, infamous). Unfortunately, their hurried words will often be interpreted in dangerous ways when they’re quoted in the press.

Let’s looks at some translations; what people have actually said when they picked up the call translated into what audiences will hear when those words are broadcast around the world.

“It’s crazy here. They’re all running around. I have no idea what’s happening.”

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