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One of the unquestioned laws of seafaring in recent times has been: “The internet on board is a good thing”.

After all, the internet and social media in particular keeps seafarers in touch with loved ones as well as the outside world.

That basic need to connect with the people close to us is an innate need shared by all. And indeed the internet has become a powerful enabler, connecting people across time zones and oceans.
But a couple of incidents we have been involved in recently have prompted me to question whether unlimited access to internet, the ability to ‘never switch off’ and ‘always be in touch’ are in fact entirely healthy for the well-being  of seafarers.

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As any company’s audience grows, and as we embrace what was laughingly described as ‘new media’ just a few years ago (and is now for many the ‘only’ media), the influx of comments on the company’s shiny new social media channels will grow!

A gritty fact of life, which companies must accept, is that the larger their online presence, the more people will look at their content with a critical eye – or worse.

No matter the overall goals for your new corporate social media account, you must be ready to answer the individuals who respond to your posts. Below are some tips for handling the comments that may come your way in a crisis.

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