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Based at our London headquarters in the Baltic Exchange, you will be an integral part of the crisis communications team including managing initial responses and manning our incident line some evenings and weekends. You will coordinate emergency response drills using our in-house media and social media simulation platform, Triton, and will work with our senior trainers (and potentially on your own) to provide high quality media response training to our clients at all levels. Day-to-day duties will include client liaison, internal and external comms advice and support, copywriting, media management, business development and much more.

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We all have a version of the world running in our heads and we’re quick to believe anything that fits that “reality” and equally quick to discredit anything that doesn’t. The psychology of this phenomenon can make “facts” almost superfluous. Understanding this process is important for any shipping industry executive trying to get their side of the story across in the wake of an incident.

The latest social media storm provides a good example of preconceptions on many levels.

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