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We could ask ourselves how we got so far without digital, how we navigated before AIS, mobile connectivity and gadgets. The latest shiny things fill the vacuum where other pursuits once played and ran wild.

Future generations may surface on this mortal coil with apps primed within. Cut to the chase, and be born with a sim or SD card; choose character, common sense or operational dexterity. Evolution might throw in a USB port for good measure. Parents, teachers or employers simply select a menu screen for preferred attributes, values, conduct …oh, and skills too.

Skills, remember those…? Wasn’t it great when we had to actually do stuff rather than woo Alexa, Siri or some other smart AI demi-god; our dependence on digital a swipe away from devotion.

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Navigate Response welcomes two new partners to its global crisis communications network to strengthen coverage in the key maritime hotspots of West Africa and the Mediterranean.

Continuing pirate activity in West Africa has repeatedly drawn international media attention and presented signification local changes for shipping companies. To further strengthen the support available to our clients, Navigate Response is proud to have partnered with Caritas Communications led by Adedayo Ojo.

With offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana, Caritas is a leading Africa-focused reputation management and communications agency. Caritas specialises in crisis management, having developed emergency response procedures for leading brands including the Nigerian affiliates of Total and ExxonMobil, and leading indigenous players such as MainOne and Honeywell Group. Their cross-sector experience includes maritime, oil and gas, and aviation.

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