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We respond to numerous pirate attacks on our clients’ vessels every year. Media management for such cases requires close collaboration between all the organizations mobilized to support the shipping company and the seafarers on board.

To provide the best information to our stakeholders, we are proud to have partnered with EOS Risk Group, a leading professional security services company, to provide this in-depth report on the evolving regional situation. The report provides statistics, explores factors that contribute to piracy and examines the emerging trends.

The frequency of pirate attack in the Gulf of Guinea in 2017 was largely unchanged from 2016, however, concerningly, the number of seafarers taken hostage in these attacks increased by 44% year on year.

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Maritime response organisations often charge tankers a premium, but whatever justification there may be for hiking the prices for some response services (e.g. oil spill response), tankers should not be charged an inflated rate for media response.

It appears that many tanker operators are so used to paying a little more for almost everything that they don’t question a quote for media response services that blatantly charges them more for the tankers in their fleet.

Tanker owners/managers need to start demanding fair pricing.

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When you activate your crisis communications and media management systems, they need to work immediately. But how do you ensure your crisis comms system will work when it matters most?

The same question applies to any emergency response plan or equipment. How do you know your liferaft will inflate when you drop it over the side?

There are five steps to quality controlling your choice of maritime media management systems (and they’re similar to the steps you should follow when choosing a liferaft).

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We could ask ourselves how we got so far without digital, how we navigated before AIS, mobile connectivity and gadgets. The latest shiny things fill the vacuum where other pursuits once played and ran wild.

Future generations may surface on this mortal coil with apps primed within. Cut to the chase, and be born with a sim or SD card; choose character, common sense or operational dexterity. Evolution might throw in a USB port for good measure. Parents, teachers or employers simply select a menu screen for preferred attributes, values, conduct …oh, and skills too.

Skills, remember those…? Wasn’t it great when we had to actually do stuff rather than woo Alexa, Siri or some other smart AI demi-god; our dependence on digital a swipe away from devotion.

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