Edward Ion

Analysis / Shipping incidents in the news

Shipping has never been more in the public eye thanks to a seemingly continuous run of high profile incidents / By Edward Ion

Network Partner / Emergency exercise

When the crisis gun goes off every second is precious

Guest / Maritime rescues

Forty people drown every hour in waters around the world

Technology / Mobile zombies onboard?

Phone addiction, or the Mobile Zombies phenomenon impacts seafarers

Opinion / Yachts and the media

Superyachts and their passengers can easily become a front page story

Technology / Social media policies

Social media policies need to send the right signals to seafarers and office staff

Technology / Shipping is not Twitter

How much notice should organisations take of reactions on Twitter?

Announcement / Legal partnership

We welcome C Solutions to provide support to clients around the world

Look back / The best of the blog

We thought we’d take a look back at some of our most popular posts of the year

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