Edward Ion

Feature / Drones: Getting the close up on shpping

The power of images will make the use of drones much more common in the reporting of shipping casualties in future / By Edward Ion

Technology / Twitter and crisis

The modern proliferation of social/new media platforms such as Twitter has major implications for almost every aspect of our lives

Network Partner / The shadow of the ‘Prestige’

13 years later, the effects of the 'Prestige' are still noticeable and the media still covers any shipping incident with excessive interest

Network Partner / Passenger shipping in Greece

Greek passenger shipping in the Aegean and Ionian Sea is never far away from a very efficient 3G or even 4G+ signal

Guest / AIS comes of age

Journalists have easy access to live data from AIS tracking which gives them a front row seat to anything happening at sea

Network Partner / Challenges in Brazil

If you intend to manage crises for the maritime sector in Brazil, it is essential that you understand the local reality

Announcement / @NavigateResp

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