Dustin Eno

Analysis / COP-21: perceptions of shipping

Shipping's emissions are increasingly in the news and it's going up / By Dustin Eno

Opinion / Pirates and the media

Pirate attacks on product carriers are becoming more common and the media is watching

Network Partner / Shipping in the UAE

We've teamed up with CommFirm to strengthen response capabilities in the region.

Guest / Incident Management

The price of a barrel of oil is way down, but the price of oil on a beach is still very high

Opinion / Environmentalists and shipping

Shipping companies are increasingly being targeted by environmental activists

Advice / How to respond to protesters

Some tools for dealing with protesters and the media

Opinion / Twitter and shipping in Singapore

The shipping sector is starting to embrace twitter in Singapore

Technology / Winning the Information Race

In an emergency you need instant access to good information

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