Sean Fitzgerald

Witt O’Brien’s: why this, why now?

Witt O’Brien’s had been looking to expand its crisis communications and reputation management / By Sean Fitzgerald

From the moment we first met Bill, Mike, Ed and their London and Singapore teams, we knew that we had not only identified exactly the professionals we could partner with to expand our global capabilities, but we’d found individuals who shared our commitment to client service, innovation, and strategic communications. 

Witt O’Brien’s had been looking to expand its crisis communications and reputation management capabilities for years – as a perfect complement to our already exceptional crisis management, emergency response, and corporate resiliency offerings. 

Our clients recognise the need to not only respond to crises in the moment, but to take actions that will positively affect their reputations over the long run.  Too often we have seen the consequences of good, well-meaning companies exacerbate the impact of a crisis with poor and/or mismanaged communications or disregard for key stakeholder groups. 

Today I’m proud to announce that we’ve become the only consultancy in the maritime sector to offer integrated emergency response and crisis communications/reputation management in a single location….and with an exceptional team based in three centres of excellence – Singapore, London and Houston.  Importantly, the core team is supported by Navigate’s international network of exclusive affiliates based in 43 locations in 29 countries. So, now, wherever and whenever you need us, we’re there to help with response work and reputation strategy support.

And, not only are we available to you 24/7 virtually anywhere in the world, but we will continue to offer and expand the most innovative and current communications strategy, tools and technologies available in the maritime industry.  We welcome the Navigate team to our family and are excited about all we can offer their clients and all they can offer ours.


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