Sam Sacco

Sam Sacco has held numerous senior level communications positions with major global brands including Hill & Knowlton and the World Bank.

For the last two decades Sam has specialised in public affairs and strategic communications. He helps prepare clients for crisis or other volatile situations, including environmental incidents, legal actions, journalistic attacks, product recalls and other events that could damage the reputation and image of an organisation.

His approach to reputation and crisis management includes identifying and addressing organisational exposures; preparing strategic management plans; implementing those plans, and, conducting training programs to build and maintain an effective communications capability.

Sam has also developed crisis management and emergency response for a number of major companies, including Matson Maritime Corporation, Foss Maritime Company, Aera Energy LLC (a jointly owned subsidiary of Shell Oil and Exxon Mobil Oil Companies), and BP America.

He also provides crisis management public affairs counsel to a number of other clients in the maritime industry, including Marine Resources Group, THUMS, and the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA).

Sam has served as the public information/crisis media officer on a number of oil spill responses for O’Brien’s Remediation Management, BP, Matson Navigation, Foss Maritime, Crowley Marine Services, K-Sea Transportation and Hanjin Shipping, among many others.

Sam works closely with the US Coast Guard and has worked on many of the most significant maritime incidents in the US over the last decade.

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