Sibel Ansa

Sibel Asna is the founder and director of A&B Communication Corp, based in Istanbul.  

In addition to providing communication consultancy, Sibel also supports senior management teams, running crisis training and services for CEOs.

Sibel is an expert in corporate communications strategy and crises management. She also volunteers to support local NGOs.

A linguist in five Euro-Asian languages, Sibel has been recognised for her work both at home and internationally.


A&B Communications is a pioneering public relations company in Turkey (since 1974), with its mission to design and implement consistent, transparent and well-balanced communications strategies for its clients.

A&B brings decades of cross-sector experience covering fast responses: from safeguarding reputational risk to preparedness and proactive interventions early in a crisis; expertise which is highly valued in the major transport industries such as aviation, maritime and automotive.

Consultancy services have supported Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Mersin International Port (MIP), Zihni Shipping Agency and Tofas-Fiat.

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