What you say matters

A single headline can make or destroy a reputation in a matter of minutes.

The mainstream media has the power to shape the national and international agenda. Ensuring that your company receives credit for responding effectively and responsibly to a crisis is the best way to defend your company’s reputation.

Important connections

We maintain close connections with editors and journalists around the world both in the maritime trade press and the mainstream media. With these connections we try to ensure that your side of the story is well presented and that baseless negative speculation and rumour is quickly refuted.

Our maritime specialisation means that we have the experience to translate the complex issues and jargon associated with shipping, offshore and port related incidents into terms that are accessible for mainstream reporters. This skill makes us the first point of contact for many journalists and we work to ensure that your version of events receives its fair share of the coverage.

Dealing with the onslaught

During an incident we will serve as the first point of contact for reporters and keep the pressure of media calls (sometimes measured in the thousands) off your operational team.

If it is necessary for you to speak to a journalist we will help you to prepare, manage the arrangements and provide advice throughout the process.

See our case studies for examples.

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