Online media and social media training

Online media and social media training

Every seafarer is an ambassador for their company, media training will make this reality an asset rather than a liability.

Navigate Learning’s online course, The Media, Social Media and You, prepares seafarers to protect their company’s reputation by effectively managing approaches from journalists and avoiding problematic online activity.

Key topics:

  • Responding to a journalist calling the bridge
  • Using social media responsibly
  • Communicating with family and friends in times of crisis
  • Legal rights when dealing with an in-person journalist approach
  • Social media privacy settings
  • Media risk points following a vessel incident

We routinely see the problems created by careless social media posts and the issues that arise when journalists speak with unprepared seafarers. While most shipping companies have a communications and social media policy, fewer than 10% of employees can recall the policy when asked.

This highly interactive online course incorporates videos, role play exercises, risk identification tasks, a review of individual social media privacy settings and more.

The training can be completed on any internet enabled device and takes about 45 minutes. Certificates are issued upon successful completion.

The simple and intuitive user interface will ensure a smooth experience for all users. The online course is accessible via any internet connected device allowing the course to be completed on the go, at home or onboard.

Navigate Response specializes in providing crisis communications and media management services for the maritime sector. When involved in an incident, unlike shore-based colleagues, seafarers cannot easily escape and can become targets for journalists and others. We know the communications risk points and the cultural variabilities that exist when trading globally.

The Media, Social Media and You, course ensures that seafarers learn not just the processes and procedures, but also the rational behind this guidance. Understanding the “why” increases both retention of the guidance and adherence to best practices.

The course can be customized to the exact requirements of your company. Want to incorporate your company’s code of conduct? We can do that. Want to focus on the details of your company policies? We can do that too, and much more. Get in touch to discuss your specific customization requirements.

The course is completed online and therefore does not involve any travel for participants or trainers but is designed to retain the same high level of interactivity that we’re known for delivering in our acclaimed sea-staff conference training sessions. The course can be completed at any time and can fit into spare moments eliminating the need for additional work time.

Without media training, every employee is a potential reputational liability, with training they can become their company’s greatest brand ambassadors.

To request a free trial or to learn more, please contact us here.

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