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Triton is our proprietary online simulator which replicates the social and mainstream media reaction to any crisis and prepares participants to interact.

From 90 minute drills to major international exercises with hundreds of participants, Triton delivers a realistic and challenging experience at any level.


It’s all just fun and games until it feels real. Exercises are routine in many sectors, but how often do they actually feel real?

Triton provides a focal point for any exercise and allows all participants to follow the realistic online coverage and reaction just as they would in a real incident.

Triton is immediately familiar to anyone who uses social media. You won’t require any training.

The system is accessible on all internet enabled devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.) and an unlimited number of people can access the system from anywhere, whether from an emergency vehicle en route, a vessel at sea or from corporate HQ.

Through our network of offices around the world, we run drills and exercises in over 20 languages, simulate regional news outlets and social media platforms and accurately replicate the challenges of responding to an international story.

Our journalists won’t pretend to call from abroad, they’ll actually be in one of our 43 locations around the world ensuring that the test of your systems is real.

We own Triton so we don’t pay licencing fees to any third parties; this ensures that all exercise resources go directly into creating the best exercise possible.

Built on our decades of experience, Triton has an automated feature which allows us to generate high media and social media post volumes without the costs of a person creating this material.

Triton keeps all exercise activity separate from any real social media. Only those people with a username and password have access to the system.

Following the exercise, all materials can be taken offline immediately or stored securely for later review. This arrangement ensures that simulated activity is never mistaken for communications associated with a real incident.

Finding relevant material in a flurry of irrelevant content is an essential skill for any media response team. Tools for searching and filtering posts are built directly into Triton allowing responders to practice cutting through the noise and analysing responses.

Starting at just £600, there’s an exercise to fit any budget:

  1. Concise: Trainer will ensure a flow of posts, comments and articles from relevant personas and media outlets. They’ll ask questions, post provocative allegations and respond to your posts to test your response.

    £600* - 90 min exercise + debrief.
  2. Remote exercise: Journalists will call, email and interact on social media. Your responses will feed the story and journalistic copy will appear requiring your team to monitor and respond. You’ll be challenged to proactively address emerging issues.

    £4000 – Half day exercise with 6 journalists + 2 Navigate trainers + debrief.
    £5000 – Full day exercise. As above.

  3. On scene: Journalists and actors at your location will conduct television interviews, ambush your employees, attend press conferences and file highly realistic multimedia stories. An intense exercise which will challenge teams at all levels of your organisation.

    £9000 + expenses – Full day exercise. 4 journalists + 1 trainer on scene. 5 remote journalists + 1 trainer. Final report. This indicative only.
  4. Training: We offer a comprehensive programme of media training and often include a Triton based exercise to allow participants to immediately put new ideas into practice.

    £2500 – One trainer. Full day. Morning training + afternoon exercise + debrief.
    £3500 – Two trainers. As above.

*Note: Concise exercises are included in all of our retainer contracts.

“It felt just like the real thing. Great fun and very exciting. Most importantly, Triton gives participants the ability to check on what everyone else is doing! And I must say, that's an element of realism I've never experienced in an exercise before.” - Chris Coneybeer, BBC Journalist

“The exercise was a lot of fun and got everyone involved in a realistic context. The stream of simulated content demonstrated how quickly a story can evolve and how easily statements can be taken out of context.” - Wai Lin Tan, Head of Corporate Communications at AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“The Triton media simulator brought the exercise to life; the realistic content appearing on our screens really kept the pressure on our teams.” – Liv Kjoelseth, Secretary General, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee

“Triton has most certainly raised the profile of social media and its effects during an incident. It was most definitely one of the most talked about elements of the exercise.” – Lisa McAuliffe, Environmental Response Lead Advisor, Petrofac

“Triton certainly added to the realism and by the end of each day I felt the same as I have when dealing with actual incidents – shattered, so that was definitely achieved!” – Marine Conservation Manager

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